Born in Atlanta, based in Los Angeles. A former competitive skateboarder turned actor. Over the past decade, I have had many careers, some as a creative, and some not. Today, I do a range of things, from filmmaking to designing products and businesses. Currently, I create experiences @Microsoft, teach @ArtCenter, and work on personal ventures through my studio.

Things I do


I define strategy as the "design of business." It's not only about ideating original concepts, but it's also about forecasting and remixing current organizational infrastructure, processes, and strategic assets to help drive a company's innovation and overall market impact.


Creating products, experiences, and systems extends beyond designing a single touchpoint. It’s about leveraging a systems thinking approach to thread several micro and macro interactions and touchpoints to build one thoughtful and cohesive experience.


As a part of my process, I leverage creative prototyping through various technologies to deepen my understanding of the experiences I design. I believe that as creators, we have a responsibility to have an understanding of how what we build works.


In short, storytelling has the ability to unearth a person's, company's, or product's essence and then communicate it in a way that connects with the audience because stories have the power to forge connections through a shared language.

Roles I've held

My skill-set runs the gamut; most notably, I have a keen eye for spotting flaws, turning them into opportunities, and designing solutions. Each project leads to new discoveries, tools and processes. But, in a snapshot, here are a few skills I've used.

Art Direction
Visual Design
Project Management
Content Creation
UX Writing
Vision Work
Prototyping & Development
Business Strategy

Recognition & Awards

I have been fortunate to have my work featured and acknowledged by various industry leaders. Here are a few notable accolades.

  • + Muse Design Awards
  • + Dutch Design Awards
  • + VentureWell Accelerator Funding
  • + International Design Awards
  • + Bestfolios


I graduated from ArtCenter College of Design with a degree in Interaction Design, and a minors in Business. While at ArtCenter I was able to travel to Berlin and study the history of Bauhaus.